Saturday, January 18, 2014

go with the flow

They might be for men, not my size, and generally not feminine at all, whatever. I'd wear anyway.

Men's Fashion Week has started, which means I prefer watching good-looking guys to studying for SATs. Personally, I'd love to wear at least half of the stuff presented. Perhaps those guys are more feminine than me lately.

Balmain, one of my favs for this season. "Davyan Cowboy" from Boards of Canada would make a perfect soundtrack to this collection.

by the way

Thank you for your application to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program for Fall 2014 (August Start).  We are delighted that you have applied to Parsons The New School for Design.  

sht just got serious, now pretty please at least 92 points on my toefl.


  1. Wow. Those shoes are perfect...I am so obsessed with non-feminine things...OH MY GOD I HOPE YOU GET IN TO PARSONS! Good luck!

  2. Awesome shoes, I'd totally wear those! Good luck with the application! =]