Wednesday, April 16, 2014

maybe if we could just talk about the weather

Nie znoszę oczywistych oczywistości upierdliwych małych konwenansów, które tak głęboko zakorzenione są w naszej kulturze, że nawet nie zauważymy, jak wiele cennych sekund tracimy na bezsensowne wymienianie grzeczności. Podążamy za naszą kaczą mamą niczym niczego nieświadome małe kaczątka. To tak jak w dziale foto pewnego dużego sklepu z elektroniką. "Dzień dobry, w czym mogę pomóc?" "Yyyy... chciałabym kupić aparat! /to znaczy, kurwa, OCZYWISTE, że chciałabym kupić aparat, nie przyszłam tutaj zastanowić się nad sensem swojego istnienia/". "Zdrowia, szczęścia, pomyślności". "Cześć, co u Ciebie?". Masz niedrożność jelita i dzisiaj zrobiłeś sobie na obiad serek mascarpone z ogórkiem kiszonym. No, a ja ostatnio kupiłem golfa. Trójkę. No, to do kiedyś.

Chuje, moglibyśmy sobie oszczędzić tej wazeliny. I wymienić się w tym czasie cytatami Dalaj Lamy. Ale ja jestem totalnie aspołeczną osobą i stratą czasu jest dla mnie nawet codzienne mówienie sąsiadom dzień dobry.
I nieśmiertelne "no, musimy zgadać się na piwo". A kiedy? Ano na świętego nigdy. Nie będzie żadnego piwa i oboje o tym wiemy.

"Jakie piękne dziecko". Rzeczywiście. Daj mi proszę jego zdjęcie, schowam do portfela. Małe dzieci absolutnie nie przypominają przerośniętych żółwi pozbawionych skorupy. Wszystkie, bez wyjątku.

Podtrzymywanie konwersacji powinno być karane. Najlepiej finansowo.
Chyba, że rozmawiamy o pogodzie.
Lubię rozmawiać o pogodzie.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

They wanted to die and they also wanted to live in Paris

As a future designer (I mean it!), I hate to waste time. I hate staying in ugly places. I hate when the form overgrows the meaning.
Let's not talk in negatives. I love to be productive. I love inspiring environment. I love good solutions.
I appreciate quality, engagement, idea, simplicity as well as splendor.
And I'm trying my best to follow my dreams, no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

I got my SAT results, and despite the fact they are not enough to apply to Harvard, I'm satisfied. I know that I am not a kid who was grown in an English-speaking environment. I know that I have never been learning English on a regular basis. I know that except for English, I speak three other languages. I am aware that I make a lot of stupid mistakes. However, I also know, that I spent less than a week preparing. That is why I consider critical reading 640, maths 570 and writing 520 as a good score.

There is no many things better than drawing and listening to Yann Tiersen, believe me. There is no many things better than doing what you love. There is no many things better than not giving up.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

The New School Competition 2014

I cannot deal with the time passing by. To be more specific, I am horrible at managing my own duties. I avoid deadlines and just pretend they do not exist. I sleep until the midday. I do not remember about birthdays. And appointments. I use my calendar only in the first week of a new year, then forget it. I hide in my bed and watch old movies when I am tired of being an adult. I skip school when I do not feel like going there. I use inappropriate words in important situations. I am always hurry to catch the bus. I always have plenty of tabs open in my browser, just in case I would need some of them later (and I never use them after all). I prefer using Adobe Illustrator to my washing machine. I find 15 minutes spent on preparing a meal as a waste of time. I am too lazy to actually cook and my biggest accomplishment in the kitchen is to boil an egg. I am the most irresponsible 20-year-old I know.

And I am going to move to the opposite part of the world. Or, at least, somewhere far away from here.

I was stuck at home with my Friday deadline for Parsons Application and New School Competition. I don't even mention packing for my flight to Germany. For some unclear reasons I decided not to take the extra luggage option during my ticket booking, so I have to put all of my stuff into a tiny little bag. I was sitting in front of my laptop for two nights in a row, dealing with tons of bad quality video material, with my dog next to my feet. It was lovely, actually.

I have to leave for the airport in three hours. I'm turning 20 next Tuesday, so spending this day in Cologne seems like the right decision.

sleep tight !

Sunday, January 19, 2014

white line fever

Shoes for today. In addition, gonna be mine next month, when available in any online store which isn't in Japanese only (nevermind saving for life in NY) (if only I didn't fall in love with some pair of high heels)

I have this weird feeling I'm doing nothing productive for the whole day today, while I'm looking through all of this tumblr, pinterest and stuff what is in my case called inspiration. Well, I just love my job. Even your day-off isn't actually a day-off.

song for today Cari Cari - White Line Fever

Saturday, January 18, 2014

go with the flow

They might be for men, not my size, and generally not feminine at all, whatever. I'd wear anyway.

Men's Fashion Week has started, which means I prefer watching good-looking guys to studying for SATs. Personally, I'd love to wear at least half of the stuff presented. Perhaps those guys are more feminine than me lately.

Balmain, one of my favs for this season. "Davyan Cowboy" from Boards of Canada would make a perfect soundtrack to this collection.

by the way

Thank you for your application to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program for Fall 2014 (August Start).  We are delighted that you have applied to Parsons The New School for Design.  

sht just got serious, now pretty please at least 92 points on my toefl.

Friday, January 17, 2014

all black everything

So, I am officially not going to study in US.
Or, anywhere else, actually.
Perhaps except Radom. Or Świebodzin.

TOEFL, you -put an invective here-
next time with you I'm gonna need some valium.

Don't be nervous, they said.

Now, I'm gonna have three lovely weeks of waiting for my approximately 60 out of 120 score. How cool is that ?

My plans for today contain drinking any liquid which looks like wine, smells like wine, and is wine. So-called Friday.

Friday, January 10, 2014

oh you can fix me up girl, we've gone a long way.

I forgot to put the credit/signature on the 3rd one, just please do not steal.

Here I am, lying in bed with my snoop doggy dogg, completely worn out, me not the dog of course, watching The Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, obviously it's just another way to improve English, and certainly all of the medical terms will be incredibly useful in fashion design, right ? 
In addition, yesterday, for the first time ever, I had my hair perfectly cut. Miracles actually happen this year.